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Zacharia Mbutha, The Balloon Girl


Pioneers of African Art

The Gunter Péus collection – African Modernism – is considered one of the most important and earliest of its kind. It illustrates the creative and political spirit of optimism in the first post-colonial generation from the 1960s to 1990s.
Independence movements, civil wars, colonialism, apartheid, famine, social conflicts: numerous artists in the collection take up these Africa-specific themes. Others show the everyday life of the rural population or the pulsating big cities, sometimes grotesquely and satirically exaggerated.

Painting is becoming an increasingly common art form across the continent. Their expression, which was largely uninfluenced by art schools at the time, makes the works fascinating testimonies of that time.

This generation of artists, who work with an independent perspective, paved the way for the contemporary artists of African origin who are in great demand in the international art scene.

The Gunter Péus collection has been exhibited in numerous national and international institutions.

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