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2022 Loans from the Péus Collection in “When we see us”, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Cape Town


2020/2021 Loans from the Péus Collection to “Michael Armitage – Paradise Addict”, Haus der Kunst Munich and Royal Accademy, London


2019/20 Selected works from the Péus Collection are part of the show “From Vietnam to Berlin”, Contemporary Cultural Institute, South Korea


2010 "Habari Africa - Beauty and Terror in Traditional and Contemporary Art in Africa." Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück


2001 "Africa's New Art", Museum of Ethnology Hamburg (today MARKK)


1993 "Art from Africa today - Masterpieces from the Péus Collection", Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen


1984 "New Art from Africa - African Contemporary Art from the Gunter Péus Collection", Catholic Academy, Hamburg


1984 "New Art from Africa, Gunter Péus Collection, Kubus, Hanover


1979 Art from Africa. HORIZONTE '79 – Festival of World Cultures, Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin - MODERN ART FROM AFRICA

The exhibition MODERN ART FROM AFRICA as part of the Festival of World Cultures in Berlin was groundbreaking for the reception of what was then contemporary African art.

Most of the works on display came from the Péus collection.

Further stations: Überseemuseum Bremen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Commonwealth Institute, London.

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